Press Release 2020-02-27

Gymi Furniture is the Best Product to Promote Health, Fitness and Sports in the Classroom!
Gymi Furniture won its category in the highly distinguished GESS Education Awards in Dubai 26th of February 2020.

Gymis furniture collection was chosen by the professional jury at GESS Education Awards to be the best product to promote health, fitness and sports in the classroom. GESS Education Awards is a highly respected international event in the education industry. It is said to be the Oscar Awards of Education.

Gymi Furniture

Gymi Furniture is a Finnish product and a was designed to meet the needs of the Finnish school curriculum. The furniture was designed to enhance daily natural movement and to develop its users balance and motor skills. The balance skill training brought into the classroom not only makes learning of cognitive skills easier and more efficient but has also several health benefits and brings focus and peace into the classroom.

Balance Skill Training Enhances Cognitive Learning

– According to research, movement or exercise has several benefits, and balance skill training has a straight impact on our ability to focus and learn cognitive skills, says Christina Nurmi, founder and CEO of the brand and company. Christina has been doing presentations about the importance of bringing physical activity and balance skill training into the school day and into the classroom during the Dubai Education Week 23rd – 27th of February both in the Finnish Education Expo and the GESS Dubai Event.

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