We love movement, balance and well-being, joy and fun learning! 

Which GYMI Partnership Model Fits Me or my School or Kindergarden? 

We are looking for people with a heart burning for kids´and teens´ health and well-being. We want to find co-operative and eager Master Franchisees and Franchisees who want to deliver our message of fun natural movement to children and teens all around the globe and in all kinds of cultures! With our carefully structured concept something that might seem difficult is made easy. The training prepares you to perform on a high level, producing high-quality services for families. It is about making a difference and making a business. It’s back to basics!

License for small businesses, kindergardens and schools.


You want to teach or you want your educators to teach Gymi Classes or Movement Breaks with or without special equipment or gym space. 

When partnering with us, you get tools to promote children’s health, well-being, focusing and learning in your unit – the Gymi Way. 

  • You get to use Gymi’s Trademark in your unit. 
  • You get training in the beginning: 
  • how to teach a group of children and follow the curriculum and guidelines 
  • how to evaluate the child’s stage of physical development 
  • how to promote intrinsic motivation and inspire to move 
  • You get access to the digital Gymi Handbook, curriculum and content: 
  • the handbooks are revised and refined continously 
  • hundreds of videos and exercises, curriculum guiding you step-by-step to benefit the learning process and make teaching easier and more fun 
  • educators get a login and get access to the content easily on their devices 
  • You get training and access to our marketing material 
  • how to get access to the marketing material and how to use it according to the concept guidelines 
  • You get User Credentials for your educators – guidelines and content are with you on your phone, tablet or computer 
  • We also take care of the educators! The monthly online meetings with peers are designed to give you tools for promoting your own well-being. 


Gymi Education Center: 

You want to open a gym space which can be used during school days but also after school hours to add value to your business. 

When becoming a Franchisee, you get all the benefits of a licensee, and in addition, the benefits that the gym space and the extracurricular activities bring.  

The Franchisee agreement provides you with extra content and more videos, tutorials and programs as well as training and support for running your gym business. 

Pre-opening – Site Design and Build-out 

We know what is needed in a perfect health club for kids and teens and how it is run. The amount of construction or renovation is dependant on the facility. We design your space and help you order the equipment needed. With our professional help your gym will be safe, functional and fun.  

Pre-opening – Marketing 

We produce marketing material for your use in the opening of your location phase as well as later on. We also train you and give you instructions on how to successfully do the marketing in your location. 

Pre-opening – Training 

We provide you with a thorough training for your start, opening and running the gym as well as for using the curriculum and all its programs.  

Curriculum and Content 

The easily accessible digital handbooks consist of guidelines for the business and processes as well as curriculums and content for all age groups, classes, camps, private events and birthday parties.  

The handbooks are revised and refined continously. There are hundreds of videos and class descriptions, thousands of drills, exercises and games in the educator’s digital handbook. The educators follow the order of the curriculum which benefits the learning process and makes teaching easier and more fun. 

Educators get a login and get access to the content easily on their devices. 


We are there to support you and offer you extra training when needed. Monthly online Educator Meetings is a way to keep you updated and connected with other Gymi Educators – and take care of your own well-being. 

Gymi is a warmhearted family. We want to succeed together! 

Are you interested in starting a Gymi?