The Finnish Way of Making Happy, Healthy, Focused and Motivated Children

Teacher Training, Curriculum and Ready Materials

Gymi Education Teacher Training Program is an easy way to implement natural movement, motor skill acquisition and balance skills into the school day. The program consists of several models of partnership:

  • Teacher Training
  • Gymi Education License – license to teach according to our curriculum, including
    • teacher training
    • ready materials and curriculum for motor skill and balance skill acquisition, including tools for PE as well as for balance skill training and movement in class – teaching trough movement
    • videos to support your teaching
    • suggestions for your physical learning environment
    • marketing material
    • support
    • This kind of partnership is possible in kindergardens, preschools, elementary schools and leisure time activities
  • Gymi Franchise
    • your own studio or health club
  • Gymi Master Franchise
    • become a Master Franchisee in your market

Gymi Education Teacher Training and Consulting

We provide you with webinars, short courses and materials.
We also have your back if you need assistance. Gymi education consulting is our service to help you with different kinds of issues concerning for example:

  • Your physical learning environment
  • How to implement movement breaks or brain breaks
  • How to motivate children
  • How to teach through movement and play
  • What things to consider when working with children with special needs
  • Other possible issues

We provide courses and consulting online and onsite
Check the available courses in our shop!

Gymi Furniture Physical Learning Environment

Physical learning environments provided by Gymi Furniture, the Best Product to Promote Health, Fitness and Sports in the Classroom award winner at GESS Dubai 2020