Balance skills and motor skills are the basis for everything

More and more children all around the world have learning difficulties and health issues. To tackle these problems we need to find tools for parents, teachers, leisure time instructors – adults who are responsible for our children’s education and health.

We want our children to be happy and healthy and we know that happy and healthy children learn better in school. We know that children are happier and healthier when they have the opportunity to move naturally and learn in an environment where sitting still can be avoided and learning can be done at least partially through movement. We also know that balance skills have a straight impact on our brain, our ability to focus and learn. In other words, cognitive learning is made easier and more fun by training our balance skills.

We want to bring natural movement, motor skill acquisition and balance skill training into our children’s lives, into schools and kindergardens as well as free time activities. Through movement and play kids learn!

We at Gymi Education provide tools for teachers who want to promote health, focus and peace as well as cognitive learning in their classrooms and elsewhere.